Introductory Questions

by Maddy Angstreich for Interaction Foundations, Fall 2018
  • My name is Maddy Angstreich and I'm a junior studying Communication Design.

  • I'm interested in front end web development because it has the unique potential to combine layout, motion, and interaction. I also love creating a tangible solution to a problem.

  • I took a Computer Science web development class last year, and have since then been watching free tutorials and teaching myself HTML & Javascript with Superhi.

  • I hope I can learn funky hover and scroll Javascript animations.

  • I expect that flexible widths and screen sizes will make layout a new challenge.

  • The Design Thinkers Conference homepage has really beautiful and engaging scroll animation that focuses solely on great type and motion.

  • The Good Fortune Restaurant in St. Louis has a site that communicates very well because the scrollover effects on the text and appearing images clearly illuminate the viewer's choices.

  • The Beyond This Point podcast hosted by Civlization has beautiful scroll animation, and accessible and beautiful color and typographic choices.